LF: Giant Rocking Chair For Sale (Where Would You Even Keep It?!)

Have you ever noticed a huge rocking chair on the side of the road while you’re taking a road trip?

Do you wish you could have something like that in your yard or on your property?

Why are there so many giant rocking chairs all over the US?

It’s a simple and sometimes confusing piece of Americana—the giant rocking chair has been a staple of road trips since before Interstates took over, and they remain a fun way to pass the time for anyone who lives in the vicinity of one or may happen to drive past one, too.

Some homeowners and property owners may be interested in having a giant rocking chair like this, and every now and then, someone builds a new one. It can take a lot of effort, planning, permitting, and years of work to build a giant rocking chair, but for those who are trying to break the record or just get noticed a little bit more, it’s well worth it all to have a massive seat like this readily available for passers by to enjoy.

But is there really a giant rocking chair for sale anywhere? While you may not be able to find a really massive rocking chair for sale anywhere, you can always find oversized ones that might give you the fun and silly look you’re going for without taking up your whole yard to do it!

Read on to learn where you can go to view (and sometimes try to sit on) the biggest rocking chairs in the world.

1. Route 66 Rocker

Location: Cuba, Missouri
Year built: 2008
Size: 42 feet
Was it for sale?: No; this rocker was commissioned specifically for the purpose of breaking the world record for large rockers.

This rocking chair used to be able to rock back and forth, as is required for the Guinness record to be broken. Now, however, it is bolted to the ground for safety purposes. People can sit on it one day out of the year, when visitors can pay to be carried by a lift to the top of the rocker for a photo op.

2. Bolin Rocker

Location: Casey, Illinois
Year built: 2015
Size: 56.5 feet
Was it for sale?: No; this rocker was built by a local inventor in the hopes of breaking the record for the world’s largest rocking chair.

Once this chair was officially submitted to Guinness, it did comply with all the specifications required and it broke the world record previously held by the Route 66 Rocker. It remains the biggest rocking chair in the world today, although there’s always a chance someone will come along and break the record. The chair actually moves, but it is not available for climbing on or sitting on at all, and visitors have to keep a safe distance.

3. Big John

Location: Franklin, Indiana
Year built: 2004
Size: 32 feet
Was it for sale?: No; this chair was built by the owner of Long’s Furniture World in the hopes of drawing in business for the furniture company.

For a short time, this chair was the largest rocker in the world, until it was bested by the Route 66 Rocker and then by the Bolin Rocker. Visitors are allowed to stand on the bottom rungs of the rocker, but are not allowed to climb on it. Pictures are welcomed from the ground at any time. The store that built the rocker burned some years ago, but the rocker remains.

4. Star of Texas Rocking Chair

Location: Lipan, Texas
Year built: 2003
Size: 26 feet
Was it for sale?: No; this chair was also built in the hopes of drawing attention and business to a furniture company known as Texas Hill Country Furniture & Mercantile.

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This chair is about half as large as the current largest rocker in the world, although it is still the largest rocker made of cedar on record. The chair is always available for photo ops, although visitors are asked not to climb on it for safety purposes. There is a barbecue restaurant next door to this rocker that serves excellent milkshakes!

5. Austinburg Chair

Location: Austinburg, Ohio
Year built: In the 1990s (specific year unknown)
Size: 20 feet
Was it for sale?: No; this chair was built to draw attention and business to a local furniture shop.

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The furniture shop is no longer located in the building next to this rocker, but the current owners of the building don’t mind visitors stopping for photos. This chair is much smaller than the others listed here and can be climbed on at your own risk, although be aware that there is still a safety concern when climbing or sitting on anything like this. This chair never held the world record for largest rocker but it continues to delight people passing through Austinburg as well as local visitors.


There are a lot of big rocking chairs out there, and we’ve really only scratched the surface of the ones that exist on roadsides across the country. You never know when you might be driving along, minding your own business, and suddenly happen upon a huge rocker that people are climbing on or taking pictures of from the safety of the ground below. These fun old roadside attractions may not draw the crowds they used to, but they continue to surprise and delight the people who find them as well as those who actively seek them out for the purpose of getting a taste of the old days.

giant chair for sale

Unfortunately, it’s not really possible to buy a huge rocking chair like this for your own property. These chairs were built specifically for the people who own them, whether for advertising purposes or to try to break the world record for big rockers. It’s fun to dream about having a rocker like this, but unless you are willing to devote a lot of time and money to building one (or having it built for you), then you’re probably out of luck when it comes to owning one.

But just for fun, would you buy one if it was for sale? Here are three reasons why you might want to:

  • If you wanted to draw attention to your business or make a little extra money on the side, you might want to put up a rocker like this. People would be more inclined to visit your store if you had one outside, or they might remember you better the next time they were looking for the service you offer.
  • You might want to own one to break a Guinness record. The record is already pretty high, though, so you would have to really work on it to make this happen!
  • You might just want one to show off to other people!

For now, though, you’ll have to settle for visiting these beautiful big rockers at their own locations instead.



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