5 Great Places To Get A Custom Swing Set Canopy Replacement Online

Do you have a swing set in need of a new canopy?

Is your swing set a unique size?

Or do you want specific colors or patterns in your canopy top?

In this article, we’ll show you five stores that can help you get the custom look you’re going for with your new swing set canopy top.

Here are a few reasons why you might want a custom swing set canopy replacement instead of a store-bought kit:

  • If you or someone in your family is picky about color, you can find a match for what he or she loves when you choose the color yourself.
  • A uniquely-sized play set or swing set can be easy to fit when you can choose the dimensions of your canopy.
  • Custom tarps are usually higher quality than those in kits.

Check out our list below to find just what you need!

1. SwingSetStuff.com

replacement swing set canopy cover

Stock up on all your swing set needs, including a replacement tarp, when you shop at SwingSetStuff.com. With this company, you can order a custom-sized tarp over 59” in width in a variety of different colors. You can make lots of custom decisions about this product and should have no trouble getting exactly what you’re looking for out of your new swing set canopy when you go this route.


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    This company is unique among those on our list in that it offers a real photo of the color options you have to pick from rather than a digital version of the colors, making it easier for you to see just what you’re going to get.
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    There are more colors to choose from when you shop with this company than with many of the others on our list.


  • Although you can choose the location and placement of the grommets on this canopy, you should only do this if you have experience with this type of customization.
  • There are no returns on custom tarps from this company.

2. Tarp Hill

replacement swing set canopy

When you need a tarp for just about any purpose, Tarp Hill has you covered. This company offers a customization option for swing set and play set tarps. All of these custom products are made from vinyl coated tarp fabric and feature grommets for easy hanging and taking down as needed. You can supply the size you need or pick between a handful of size options already available on the site if you prefer.


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    This company offers some of the highest-quality tarp fabric on our list.
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    The included grommets are designed to hold up to weather exposure without rusting over time.


  • This company doesn’t offer the option to choose snaps instead of grommets like some others do.
  • You cannot choose a color option with this company at all and must use the dark green default.

3. Playset Junction

canopy for outdoor swing set

Check out Playset Junction to find semi-customizable canopy options for your swing set. This company makes canopies out of sturdy, thick, heavy-duty vinyl that is designed to be resistant to mold, mildew, and UV damage. You can pick either a solid color or a striped option, and you can also choose either grommets or snaps for attachment purposes. If you’re looking for custom color options but don’t want to pay for a fully customizable experience, this company is the way to go.


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    This company offers free shipping on all of their custom swing set canopy orders.
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    The products from this company are durable and long-lasting no matter what the weather might do.


  • There are not as many colors to pick from with this company as with some others out there.
  • You cannot fully customize your canopy when you go with this company.

4. BackyardCity.com

playset canopy replacement

Order your canopy replacement from BackyardCity.com to be sure you’re getting everything you want and all the features you need in your new canopy product. This site is a great place to purchase a truly custom canopy replacement that you can pick from start to finish. If you’re looking for an immersive customization experience, be sure to get in touch with this company—and check out the other products they offer for sale in the meantime, too!


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    This company offers any size and color combination in their canopy replacements.
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    You can choose between stainless steel snaps or brass grommets for securing your canopy to the swing set top.


  • This company does charge extra for more unique designs or patterns that include more than a few colors.
  • There are no returns available on custom canopy products ordered from this company, so it’s crucial to make sure you provide the right size measurements.

5. Best Price Toys LLC

swing set canopy replacement cover

Shop at Best Price Toys LLC to find a wide selection of tarp and other type of canopy coverings for your swing set. This company offers a handful of solid-color tarps as well as a few patterned and multicolored ones to help you find just what you’re looking for. This store also sells a variety of other swing set replacement parts and add-ons, so be sure to take your time and look around if you’re in the market for something extra.


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    This company offers lower prices than many of the others out there, and their quality is very competitive as well.
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    This company is a great place to stock up on lots of must-haves for maintenance and repairs on your swing set.


  • There are only a few different size options available in these canopy covers, so you may need to look elsewhere if you need a more custom size.
  • These are thinner canopies than some of the others on our list, so they may not hold up as well to use in places where there is heavy rainfall or snowfall that could build up on them.


As you can see, there are a lot of good place to go shopping when you’re looking for a new tarp for your swing set. But which one is our favorite? We think SwingSetStuff.com is the best option on this list. They are affordable but still offer high-quality products, and they have the most color options to pick from, too.

Of course, you can’t go wrong when you order a product from any of the companies on our list, and they’re all a great place to get started when you need customization options for your swing set canopy.


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